SDWN Data Plane for IEEE 802.11

NOTE software can easily be installed on any Wi-Fi router that runs OpenWrt. Please see for step-by-step instructions.

Integration Guide

Here we outline the steps involved in integrating software in your product. By following these steps you should be able to put together a proof of concept integration on most platforms in just a few days. If you prefer to learn by example check out the reference integration for CarrierWrt, in the form of a pull request on GitHub.

Step 1. Choose your type of product software can be integrated in many different types of networking equipment. Choose the type most appropriate for your product.

Consumer Router

Residential Gateway

Access Point

Network Appliance

Step 2. Create a branch in your firmware build system

Before you integrate software you typically want to create a feature branch or similar in your firmware build system.

Step 3. Download and install the software in your firmware image

The first thing you need to do is add a step to your firmware build process that downloads and installs software. software comes pre-built for a number of hardware platforms and software environments and can be downloaded from a URL composed from the GNU target name.

Step 4. Integrate the software

Network appliances typically don't have Wi-Fi radios — but they can still be used to terminate Wi-Fi over IP tunnels. For this purpose you only really need to integrate the tunnel termination software.

We have integrated the tunnel termination software on the Vyatta Network OS and call this product Anyfi Gateway. The Reference Guide (PDF) contains installation instructions and the integration consists of shell and perl scripts, so you should be able to study it in a running system.

Step 5. Implement a configuration interface

Network appliances typically don't have much of a configuration interface for Wi-Fi. In our integration for the Vyatta Network OS we therefore define and implement our own. Please see the Reference Guide (PDF) for details.


Step 6. Test your integration software includes a file called TESTING that contains some simple manual integration tests that you can run through to make sure everything works correctly. While these tests are primarily meant for consumer Wi-Fi routers, residential gateways and access points with local Wi-Fi radios a small subset of them are still relevant for network appliances.

Step 7. Merge back to your mainline

When integration tests are all green you can merge the integration back to mainline.