SDWN Data Plane for IEEE 802.11

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Works is a Software-Defined Wireless Networking (SDWN) forwarding data plane for Wi-Fi. It implements a complete IEEE 802.11 stack, but split in two halves: one for radio access and another for service definition.

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Seeing is believing - you really have to try this yourself. comes pre-integrated in CarrierWrt. Download a firmware image for one of several common Wi-Fi routers and take it for a spin right now.



Extensive online documentation is available, explaining the SDWN architecture as well as data and control plane protocols. The documentation also includes a security analysis and an introduction to the software and its integration.


Integration software is Integrating in your products is easy — a proof of concept shouldn't take more than a few days. Contact Anyfi Networks for access to reference integrations for all major CPE and AP platforms.

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Aug 28, 2013


This review is about a wireless software platform called, developed by Swedish company Anyfi Networks AB., billed as "The Open Wi-Fi Mobility Platform," is software that can be integrated into wireless routers and access points that simplifies connecting to remote Wi-Fi networks.

Here's the concept. Let's say you've got Wi-Fi at home configured and running with your own SSID and password. However, when you take your Wi-Fi device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, ...) elsewhere, you have to connect to a different SSID and enter a new password to get on line. Imagine a world where when you leave home, you connect to Wi-Fi securely and automatically without having to enter new passwords! That's's goal.

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